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Amanda & Matthew - Preview

This beautiful couple...


Katie & Alex - Engagements

Few things are more beautiful then sunflowers but Katie & Alex might be one of those things.  Yes, it was like a million degrees when we took these photos and it felt like the flowers were trapping all the heat right where we were standing.  But we all had such a great time, admiring the beautiful fields and making our way thru them.  I'm so honored I get to photograph these two next March for their wedding day.  Enjoy!


Mary Kate & Brad - Preview

A quick peek at some photos coming soon from an AMAZING wedding!  Can't wait to share more!



Chelsea & Will - Castleton Farms Wedding

I've seen a lot of wedding dress but I still can't get over this one.  Seriously, if I did my own wedding all over again (I'd keep the groom of course) I would die to wear this dress.  Although, I am not sure anyone else could rock it like Chelsea did.  She's so gorgeous!  A girl with a dancer's heart and a love for her man is a beautiful combination.  And of course it doesn't get any better then having your wedding at the one and only Castleton Farms.  This place just takes everything to a whole other level (not to mention, I feel kind of important driving a golf cart around all day).  Here are some of my favorites from this very special day...


Sara & Seth  

When you've been a wedding photographer for 8 years there are little things that surprise you.  Sometimes I think I've seen it all.  But then, every now and then, I get to experience another first.  And the "first" I got to experience at Sara & Seth's wedding - 9 groomsmen having their mustache shaved at the wedding reception.  Yup, that's right!  Seth's very dedicated groomsmen all grew out a mustache for the wedding, and then shaved it off.  Seriously, how awesome is that?  And that's just a small indication of how unique and beautiful and free spirited Sara & Seth are.  The day was filled with lots of love and laughter and tears.  And did I mention Sara's aunt Alison?  Her sweet aunt happens to have down syndrome and she just adores Sara.  She hugs everyone (I've never gotten more hugs on a wedding day before) and watching her see Sara for the first time will go down in my book as one of my favorite moments ever at a wedding.  This is a jam packed post - enjoy!