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The Payne Family - Covey 1 Year

5 years ago I got to photograph this sweet couple as they said their vows and danced in a barn.  So to photograph their newest family member is just such an honor.  Covey is just the cutest little guy - full of personality and the funniest expressions.  And I love a family that will make a mess for a photo shoot, especially when the clean up is just so darn cute too!


Amanda & Louis

During his toast, Amanda's dad called her their miracle baby. Her parents waited a long time for her to come into their lives so you know they wouldn't just hand her over to anyone. I can tell how much they love Louis every time they talked about him. This wedding was a true joining of families.  There was a lot of laughter and the tears flowed all day, but it was just the sweetest of tears.  I loved photographing this day...


Jennifer & Ross  

Sometimes I think that I have seen the most beauitful weddings I'm ever going to see.  And then a wedding like this happens.  And I'll be honest, while the decor and location and flowers were GORGEOUS the beauty really came from the hearts of Jennifer & Ross.  They just seemed so gracious all day.  The picture above is my absolute favorite.  It happened right after the ceremony exit and it just seemed as Jennifer took this beautiful breathe to take it all in and look at the people she loves most in the world who came to support her and her new husband.  I adore their thankful hearts.  Couple that with some mis-matched heirloom china, elegant bride and groom chocolate dipped pretzels, and a room filled with exposed brick and twinkle lights - this photographer was in heaven.  As promised, here are more photos from their magical day...


Jennifer & Ross - Preview

I have so many more pictures to post from this wedding but for now...



The Peter-Fritts Family

Oh how much can change in a year.  These two are about to celebrate their 1 year anniversary and they will do it being a little sleep deprived since they have recently added baby Xavier to their family.  Or should I say, baby model Xavier?  I've never seen a 1 month old baby work the camer like this little man did.  Clearly, Donny has been giving him lessons.  I'm beyond excited to share some of these sweet photos.  Special thanks to The Standard for letting us use their incredible space.  Enjoy!


This is clearly how Jackson really feels about not being the only baby in the house...