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Rachel & Ryan - Engagements

I knew from the moment I met this couple that they were meant to be mine to photograph.  They are just the sweetest, coolest, most adorable couple and I'm not just saying that because they brought me flowers when we did their engagement shoot.  They are just plain fun!  I adore these pictures from The Knoxville Botanical Gardens and downtown Knoxville.  Enjoy!


Amy & Shelton

Immediately following the ceremony Amy & Shelton disappeared to have a few minutes together and all the wedding party could talk about was how sweet that ceremony was.  As they discussed whether or not Shelton or Amy cried one thing stood out to them all - once their eyes met this couple locked eyes and never took their eyes off of each other.  I'm sure Shelton was struck by Amy's gorgeous because she was just stunning on this beautiful spring day, sparkling in the sunshine and laughing in the wind.  And at the end of the day, everyone in their families agreed, it was a perfect day...


Rachel & Ryan - Preview


The Simmons Family

I'm so sad to be saying goodbye to The Simmons Family as they start a new journey in Auburn, AL.  They are just the most adorable little family and we love seeing their smiling faces at church every Sunday so selfishly we want to keep them.  I mean, how adorable are these little girls and their big personalities?  Match that with some yummy light and you have one happy photographer...



And, of course, you can't leave Knoxville without getting a picture with the gorgeous TN Theater sign...


Sara & Andy  

Hello Nashville!  I was so honored to capture the moments of Sara & Andy's wedding because there was just so much to celebrate!  How can you beat the joining of two families coupled with a new little life about to begin?  That's right, Sara & Andy will be welcoming a sweet little girl into the world in May.  Watching Sara's friends swoon over that little girl and listen to her heartbeat for this first time just brought major tears to my eyes as I snapped away.  This true celebration of love took place at one of the coolest locations ever - Houston Station in Nashville, TN.  I. LOVE. IT!  Here are some of my favorites from the big day!