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Courtney & Alex  

Oh happy day, it is finally FALL here in East TN!  Nothing makes my heart more happy then to see the beautiful colors that are about to pop out all over this place.  And a few showed up just in time for Courtney & Alex's incredible wedding at Castleton Farms.  And I have to say, Courtney was one gorgeous bride.  I mean, she's definitely the kind of bride that makes you say, "wow" (hello Jimmy Choos)!  Alex is one lucky guy but I'm pretty sure he knows that from the string of tears that fell from his face as he watched her come down the aisle.  Courtney is a self-proclaimed perfectionist and I so love that about her.  But I'm sure not even Courtney could find a thing wrong with this day and how it all ended up.  Ok, maybe the stink bug landing on her head in the middle of the ceremony wasn't her favorite but I hope they laugh about that for the next 60 years because it was truly funny.  Here are some of my favorite memories that I sincerely hope she cherishes forever...


Sometimes you just need a pep talk from Darla...


Candice & Jim - Castleton Farms

Oh what a beautiful journey this wedding day was!  It all started with a little skeet shooting and the writing of letters to be read in 10 years.  It seemed like it was going to be a gorgeous day, albeit a little hot.  But then the storms rolled in, creating some of the coolest skies I have ever photographed.  Guests arrived in the rain and hung out in the Carriage House while the wedding was just a little delayed.  Then, the most vibrant rainbow (followed by a double rainbow) appeared and Candice decided it was time to get married rain or shine.  She had waited long enough.  And wouldn't you know the second she walked down the aisle the rain just disappeared.  I just adore Candice's spirit and her willingness for adventure (what bride gets in a boat on her wedding day when it is wet and says "I think it washed some of the dirt off the bottom?!?!) - and she's just the sweetest too.  These two fighter pilots are a match made in heaven...


Chelsea & Will - Castleton Farms Wedding

I've seen a lot of wedding dress but I still can't get over this one.  Seriously, if I did my own wedding all over again (I'd keep the groom of course) I would die to wear this dress.  Although, I am not sure anyone else could rock it like Chelsea did.  She's so gorgeous!  A girl with a dancer's heart and a love for her man is a beautiful combination.  And of course it doesn't get any better then having your wedding at the one and only Castleton Farms.  This place just takes everything to a whole other level (not to mention, I feel kind of important driving a golf cart around all day).  Here are some of my favorites from this very special day...


Katy & Casey - Castleton Farms

Anyone who has ever met Katy & Casey knows that romance is not dead.  They are one of the most romantic couples I've ever met.  Every detail, every expression, every look was so full of love.  It seemed to be bursting everywhere.  They were married at Castleton Farms which is a perfect location for any couple.  The variety they offer is unmatched - a barn, a vineyard, the elegant ceremony locations, the rolling fields.  The sunlight just danced off of it all so beautifully!  I know that Katy & Casey felt so blessed by it all and I'm so thankful they let me capture their day.

Flowers were done by the always amazing Lisa Foster Floral Designs.  I could not get enough of these colors - so beautiful!


Katy & Casey - Preview

I LOVE Castleton Farms and all the beauty that it holds there.  Here's a preview from this weekend's wedding...