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Megan & Brandon  

I can't even begin to explain how much I loved this wedding.  Yes, it rained for part of the afternoon and into the ceremony.  And yes, the brides' veil fell out of her hair as she exited with her new husband.  But it was a perfect day nonetheless because Megan just knew the simple truth - "it is what it is".  These two are just gems.  I so enjoyed laughing with them as Brandon made the comment that the rain kind of made it like that one scene in The Notebook and Megan made fun of him (yes, your read that correctly).  The colors and the perfection that is Dara's Garden just made me fall in love.  And those colors were literally hand painted by Melissa Timm Designs because the flowers were AMAZE!!! As if the day couldn't get any better, the rocking reception was brought to life by the one and only Jim Ogle.  I'm so excited to share these pictures...